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Or you could, like, you know, just be happy that someone’s making an effort towards rape prevention. But yeah, let’s complain that it’s not perfect, that’s good.

This isn’t a complaint at all- it’s simply saying that instead of coming up with every “inventive anti rape” device under the sun, people need to start paying attention to the real problem- stopping rapists from raping.

I think it’s great that four college men came up work this product-it’s a great deal of chemistry and hard work that went into this project. I commend them. I really do think that it’s a step in the right direction.

But there are a few dangerous misconceptions that women face, when it comes to rape, that anti-rape products like these don’t help.

1. That women are most often raped by strangers.

This is simply not correct. It does happen, but not in the frequency that some people seem to think- a staggering. 66% of rapes and 75% of sexual assaults are committed by someone who the victim knows. 

No amount of color-changing nail polish, pepper spray, cat eyes key chains, rape whistles, etc will be effective if you’re not on the defensive. If you’re just hanging at a friends house. If you’re at work. If you’re with your partner. These products are all great, but only if you’re expecting to use them. If you’re at ease with people that you know around you, then what? 

2. That if a woman is raped, it’s her fault.

Was she dressed modestly? Had she had sex before? Was she drunk? Was she out at night? Was she carrying a rape whistle? Pepper spray? Anti rape nail polish?

After a woman is raped there are many questions, but the blame is often times put on the woman for not avoiding the rape. Nothing justifies raping another person. If a drunk woman walking naked alone at night in the street gets raped, it should be taken just as seriously as a woman “doing everything right” with her pepper spray in hand and keys between her fingers like little knives. Both were violated and both deserve to be treated with respect. But how would the media report these? Very, very differently. Because the responsibility of the rape is rarely put on the rapist- but rather what the woman was doing, or should have been doing, to protect herself.

Here’s the bottom line- these products are great for personal safety, for personal awareness. I carry every protection product you can think of. There are a lot of great products out there, and if it makes you feel more protected, and if it makes you feel like you could escape an attack- by all means, USE these products!

But this does not solve the problem. The problem is that so long as people are not taught what consent really means, and are taught NOT TO RAPE- all the anti-rape products in the world won’t stop rapists.

I’d encourage everyone to read this awesome article, which makes many points on why this is great, but there is so much more to be done. Also linked to some stats on rapists.



From the article:

Encouraging women to buy products to make themselves safer is sort of like cutting off the weed at its stem, instead of at its root: It might give you something to do, but you aren’t going to actually eradicate weeds from your garden. To stop rape, we need to teach men not to rape, not teach women that it’s their responsibility to prevent it.” (Elizabeth Plank)

^ 1. is why telling women that they should protect themselves is just bullshit, because the vast majority of the time it won’t do shit so stop saying it!


CultureHISTORY: #Ferguson Protests - Magazine covers

Amazing images. The TIME & Bloomberg Businessweek cover photos were both taken by Scott Olson (Getty Images) who was arrested by the St. Louis PD during the protests and later released. The New Yorker painting was done by New York artist Eric Drooker.

#MikeBrown #DontShoot

We tell our women “get into science, get into math, get into the pipeline.” Who wants to be in a pipeline full of acid?

Alicia Menendez - The View

I’m at the car dealership, waiting for my service recall to be completed, and this statement caught the attention of every woman in the room. Unsurprisingly, they all nodded in assent while the few men in the room looked uncomfortable.

The point is valid: even if access to STEM and other male dominated fields is made available, we need to do something about the culture in the field. Access to a pipeline full of acid, while it is still access, serves to maintain inequality.

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so my sister works in STEM & if you talked to her for like 5 minutes she can tell you how true this is. it’s fucking poisonous

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I love the rain. I love how it softens the outlines of things. The world becomes softly blurred, and I feel like I melt right into it.
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Promotional Poster for Sleeping Beauty

Its like he’s about to cop a feel..which would be waaay more accurate to the root story..

I worked retail at a store that sells Christmas ornaments.  One of said ornaments was basically this scene from the Disney movie, with the ornament name as “True Love’s Kiss.”

I renamed it “Date Rape 101.”  

Effect: three other employees who’d planned on buying it rethought said purchase.  They also stopped saying “Sleeping Beauty” was their favorite Disney movie.


people complain about people “faking disabilities”
you know what happens way more often than people faking disabilities?
people pretending not to be disabled so they won’t get treated like shit

John Crawford III was shot in a Wal-Mart after police received a 911 call alerting them that a man with a rifle was walking around the store. Officers arrived on the scene and, after a brief encounter, shot the 22-year-old man, who later died of a gunshot wound to the torso. As we now know, Crawford was holding a Crosman MK-177 air pump rifle—a nonlethal replica air rifle, intended for a child—and sold at the very store where he was shot while carrying it. Much of the focus of the discussions around this case has been on this fact: Why would police shoot a man holding a child’s replica gun in the store that sold it? A fair question, to be sure, but I wish to raise another.

Ohio is an “open carry” state. So even if Crawford were carrying a real, fully loaded rifle, why would that raise any alarms? How could that possibly be a reason to kill him?
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